Dragon Priestly Armour is Out Today

A new Dragon Priest’s Armour series has been released today.

The armour set is for use by Dragon Priests, and is called Dragon Priest Armour.

The set is priced at $200.

There are three sets of armour to choose from in the new set.

The first set is the Priestly armour set, which is made from the priestly robes that are found in Dragon’s Fall and Dragon’s Rise.

The second set is a set of armour for the Warrior class.

The Warrior armour set has a high-quality, leather-like texture and is available for $100.

The Priestly set has the same clothy texture, but has been updated with a leather-inspired material.

The third set of the armour is the Paladin set, and it has been designed with a more realistic feel.

It has a leather base and is $80.

The Priestly Set includes a pair of Dragon Priest armour gloves, a pair for the Druid, a set for the Monk, and a set that includes the Dragon Priest mask, which can be found in the Mage class.

All of the sets are available in a wide range of colours, from white to grey and black to white.

They are made from leather and leather based polyester.

There is a price of $70 for the Priest’s set and $150 for the Paladin’s set, but the Dragon’s Priest set will only be available for purchase online.

Dragon Priest’s armour set for use in Dragonfall, Dragonfall DLC and Dragonfall: Ultimate Edition.