When will we see Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes again?

As the Season 5 finale draws near, AMC has teased some more Walking Dead characters could return to the series.

The network has officially announced that a new “Rick Grimes” character will appear in Season 6.

The Walking Dead actor will be a former prisoner who became a “wandering preacher” after his fellow inmates were killed by a group of escaped prisoners.

While that may seem like a big departure from his portrayal of Rick Grimes on the series, it also gives AMC an opportunity to explore another character, and perhaps to introduce a new one as well.

The show’s creators are hoping the new character will become a key player in the Rick Grimes story arc.

“As the season draws to a close, we’ve been discussing Rick’s return, and we’re excited to finally announce that we’ll finally see him back on the TV screen,” AMC said in a statement.

“With this news, we’re also excited to share some new Walking Dead character concepts and characters that will be making their debut in Season 7.

These are characters that we’ve already talked about, and will make a welcome return for fans of the show.”

The new character, who is likely to be called “Marlene,” will be one of several new faces AMC will introduce in Season 8.

A number of other new characters have also been revealed for the series so far.

They include a character called “The Governor,” a former prison guard who was once the leader of the Saviors, and a mysterious woman who can be seen walking in the woods of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

“We’re excited for fans to see these characters as well,” AMC added.

“We’re looking forward to introducing a whole new cast of characters in Season 9.”