World’s first Buddhist temple opens in Japan

Posted January 13, 2020 13:05:00 The World Shinto Church, in Yokohama, Japan, has become the first Buddhist congregation in Japan.

The church’s founder, Kazuki Hasegawa, and its leader, Shunji Kawakami, founded the church in 2002 and have been preaching its Buddhist tenets to people since.

The congregation now has more than 200 members.

Hasekawa, the church’s current leader, said that his goal is to build a temple of the Buddha and other spiritual beings within the confines of a two-acre plot in the city of Yokohamas main square.

The temple will be built on the former site of the former Japanese Army headquarters on the western side of the city.

It is expected to be completed in the next three to five years.

Hases Buddhist temples are not only located in cities like Yokohams western outskirts, but also in Tokyo, where there is a Shinto temple and other temples.

The Japanese Shinto religion is deeply rooted in Buddhism, which has been around for more than a thousand years.

Buddhism is a Japanese-centric religion that was introduced by the Buddhist Emperor Meiji in the 19th century.

It traces its roots back to the 11th century in China.

According to Buddhism’s own teachings, the Buddha is the reincarnation of the founder of the Buddhist religion, Shakyamuni, and was born into a human family.

The Buddha’s teachings are based on Buddhist scriptures, and include various philosophies and ethical views on the universe, as well as the practice of Buddhism.

In addition to temples and temples, Hasegalow says he has plans for an urban temple, a temple for spiritual beings and a temple dedicated to the Buddha.