How to Survive the Priest Pack 5e (5e for 5e gamers)

In an effort to get into the Priest pack 5, players can now acquire a priest pack 5 character with a total of 10 characters and 30 spells, plus one extra class.

Each pack 5 class comes with two spells, one extra skill, and a new character that has a level cap of 30. 

Priest Pack 5 characters come with new abilities that allow them to specialize in a wide variety of areas and provide a unique challenge for players looking to max out their class.

These include the following abilities: Assassination (1) : The player can now choose to make a ranged attack with this ability.

When it strikes, it deals 4d6 necrotic damage.

This attack is considered a critical hit.

Arcane (2) : Whenever the Priest attacks a creature, she gains an extra action to use her Arcane skill.

This action allows the Priest to teleport up to 30 feet away from the target creature and up to 20 feet away if she has the ability to teleport, as well as making an attack roll against the creature.

Beast Mastery (3) : When a creature within 60 feet of the Priest rolls a natural 1 on an attack against her, she can use her Charisma modifier in place of her Dexterity modifier in determining whether the attack hits.

Improved Haste (4) : If a creature is knocked prone or grappled by the Priest, she instead gains an additional move action.

Prayer (5) : In order to gain an extra effect when using this ability, the Priest must expend her Charisma bonus.

The Priest can expend up to 5 points of her Wisdom modifier in order to add an effect that can be used to cast a spell from the Priest’s spell list.

Sacrifice (6) : At the start of each of her turns, the priest can choose to expend one of her actions to cast an immediate power spell from her spell list and the spell is automatically cast.

She can use this ability once per turn, and only one effect can be applied at a time.

Shadow Step (7) : During combat, the player may move 10 feet in any direction and ignore all difficult terrain.

At the beginning of each turn, the character must spend an action to make an Intelligence saving throw.

If she fails, she becomes staggered for 1 minute.

Power Word: Shield (8) : Once per round, the Paladin can use his Wisdom modifier instead of his Charisma modifier to roll a d20.

If the roll is a 20 or higher, the creature can use their reaction to make another Wisdom saving throw against the Paladin’s spell save DC.

On a success, the target takes half damage.

Vengeance (9) : On the first round of combat, whenever the Paladin attacks a target, he can use an action and expend his Wisdom bonus to use his Arcane skill in place.

If he uses his Arcane skills in combat, he adds one of the following effects to his spell list: Blindsight (10) : A target can’t be surprised by the Paladin for 1 round.

Detect Thoughts (11) : Any creature within 30 feet of a creature that the Paladin is aware of must make a Wisdom saving check against your Wisdom save DC or be charmed by the target until the end of their next turn.

The charmed creature knows the name of the Paladin.

Summon Monster I (12) : For every 2 points the Paladin spends in order, he gains an ability that allows him to summon one monster.

Each creature summoned counts as one creature for purposes of the summoning effect.

Holy Word: Healing (13) : While in the Priest class, the characters ability to cast spells from the priest spell list is increased by 1 point.

Dread (14) : Starting at the end a creature uses its action to cast their spell save, the caster of the spell can spend a bonus action to cause the target to gain temporary hit points equal to the level of the targeted creature.

Each additional hit point gained by the creature causes it to gain one additional spell level, until the duration of the effect ends.

Resurrect (15) : Each creature that is within 15 feet of any dead creature or is wearing any form of heavy armor that is at least half their normal weight when they die must make an Constitution saving throw at the start the turn that they die.

On failure, the creatures speed is halved until the start or end of its next turn, at which point it regains its normal speed.

If a failed save, it is immediately resurrected and immediately dies.

Tombstone (16) : When a character reaches 10th level in the Paladin class, they gain a bonus to their Constitution and Wisdom scores equal to half their character level. 

Savage Attacks (17) : All attacks made by the character that can hit a target of opportunity that is