Catholic priest in New York who went on trial for alleged rape, murder in 2007

JUDAS PRIEST: A Catholic priest from New York was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for allegedly raping and killing a young woman, who he believed to be a prostitute.

A jury in New Orleans found Fr.

David Hines guilty of the June 2007 murder of 28-year-old Mary Ann Gorman, who was strangled and strangled in her home.

Gorman’s body was found inside a trash can inside a church basement in August 2007.

In a sentencing statement, District Judge Charles P. Gagnon said Hines’ motive was “an obsession for which he had no explanation.”

He said Hales had no prior history of violence or mental illness, and that he believed the victim was a prostitute because she wore a ring.

The judge said he believed Hines was “driven by a morbid hatred” of prostitutes.

Hines had no previous convictions.

He will remain free on bond while awaiting sentencing.

Gormer’s body has never been found.

Hales has been a priest at St. James Cathedral in New Albany, New York, since 1995.

He has been convicted of rape and other charges three times and of murdering a woman in 1989 in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

Prosecutors said he killed Gorman after discovering she was pregnant.

Hanes, 59, was a priest with St. John the Baptist Parish in Westport, Connecticut, from 2003 to 2009.

He resigned in 2008.