How to buy a priest with a salary that will leave a lasting mark

The priest’s salary is one of the few things that will make you stand out from the crowd when you’re a young priest, especially in the U.S. The average priest’s yearly salary is about $100,000.

But if you want to be the next Benedict XVI or even be a good-faith priest, you need to be able to make that kind of money.

That’s what this salary is all about: the priest’s position as a guardian angel.

But that doesn’t mean that you should take a paycheck from your church, or even your church.

A priest’s job is to be a godfather, to take care of the sick, to provide for the hungry and the poor.

The most important job in a priest’s life is that of a father figure.

That is the job of a good priest, and that job is going to be in danger if the economy takes a turn for the worse.

And there is no way to predict how much that economic collapse will do to the church.

The priest is one part of the church that is going out of business, and many priests are already leaving the church for other work, like ministry or clerical work.

The last year has seen a sharp decline in church attendance.

That decline has led to a decrease in donations, which is bad news for priests, and has also led to an increase in suicides.

A lot of the priests who have left the church are young men, who may be struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity, and they’re not going to feel any of the social support that their peers get.

A big part of that social support comes from the church hierarchy.

As a priest, the church provides you with a great deal of support.

You get to go on a lot of religious trips, you get to spend time with your friends and family, and you get some kind of financial help to pay for your rent.

So the financial support is huge.

But the church’s primary function is to keep you safe.

If you leave, the social structure will collapse, and all that support and attention that you’ve been given will disappear.

You can get a priest job without a salary, but you can also get one that will pay well.

It depends on your area of expertise, and your priorities.

But a lot priests have become wealthy from working in churches and other places where there are a lot more priests, so they may be looking for something a little more stable, and a little less risky.

This is what the priest salary is for: It’s a salary for the most important role in your life, the job that you can really depend on, the one that is most important to you.

If your life becomes very precarious, you can just sell it.

If it’s going to change, you have to sell it quickly, and if you can’t sell it fast enough, you’re going to need a very good job to survive.

It’s the most expensive profession in the world, and one that’s often quite lucrative.

This article is from the November 2014 issue of Fortune.