Bloodborne DLC: Patron Saint and Priestly Blessing is coming to Hearthstone

A few days ago, we reported that Hearthstone’s Patron Saint and Patron Priestly Blessings would be coming to the popular card game Hearthstone.

Today, the two cards have been added to the game’s official store, where they can be purchased for 800 gold each.

Patron Saint is a buffed minion that summons a random Priest from your deck, which can be used to buff your minions and play a card from your hand.

Priestly blessing is a minion that gives your minions +2/+2, which will help them gain some health in the late game.

Both Patrons and Priests are obtainable through the in-game shop.

They can be bought for a small amount of gold and have a 1-5 cost.

Both cards will be available for purchase in Hearthstone’s store starting tomorrow, December 10.