When Is The Next Pope? Pope Francis dies, Miriam’s funeral begins in Indonesia

Pope Francis has died.

The pontiff died Monday night after a lengthy illness, the Vatican announced.

His body will be taken to the Vatican for burial.

Miriam, the wife of the late Argentine Jesuit Father Marcelo Mirasco, was known for her devotion to religious orders, her Jesuit faith and her devotion toward the poor.

She was an avid reader and her works were celebrated across Latin America.

“The Lord is with you, and your faith is strong,” she wrote in her will, which was released Sunday.

“You will always have a place in my heart.”

Mirascos death has been widely interpreted as a reflection of Pope Francis’ growing conservatism.

But Mirasca, who was born in Buenos Aires, was the wife and daughter of a Jesuit priest.

She had lived in Buenos Aries, Argentina, for most of her life.

She became a Catholic in 1978 and was baptized in Rome.

She married Marcelo in 1989 and they had three children.

She also raised three children in Argentina.

Mirascon was one of Argentina’s most prominent Catholic nuns.

Pope Francis and Mirascoman married in Argentina in 2013, and they have three children, including a daughter named Mirascio.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.