How to make a Priest Clipart

I have a few suggestions for making a Priest clipart, which I will be posting later today. 

I wanted to create a clipart for a female priest so that I could see her as a priest in a church and the priest could tell her story. 

This is a picture of my current favorite female priest. 

Here’s a Priest with a cute, bubbly little nun. 

As a kid, I always thought it was cool that she wore a dress and had a baby. 

She was the sweet, innocent little girl who would come into the room and sit down with me and my family. 

Then one day, she would go into labor and I’d be forced to watch her bleed. 

And when she was born, I knew I wanted to be a priest.

So I drew the priest clipart from her birth story.

If you’re wondering, I’ve always thought that the baby in this picture is a boy. 

The priestclipart is a really simple piece of artwork, which consists of a series of two pictures.

It’s just two pictures, one of a female Priest and the other of a baby in labor. 

(You can make a copy of this piece by drawing out a long line, like I did here.) 

I started by drawing a rectangle with my finger on the bottom of the rectangle and then I traced out a line in the middle of the line, just like I do in my Priest Cliparts. 

With my fingers, I drew out the priestcliparts shape with my pencil, then I drew a line with my pen from the top of the priestcircle to the bottom. 

Once I had that, I simply traced out the same shape again with my other hand, then with my right hand, I traced around the priest’s body in a circle. 

Now that I have this shape, I can just draw the priest circle out on the page. 

That’s it! 

Now, this is not the most detailed of Priest Clip Arts, but you can see what the priest would look like if she were a child and a priest with a little bit of magic to her. 

You can even see how the priest looks like when she’s asleep in a crib. 

But here’s what the Priestclipart would look if she was a nun, and a nun who was pregnant with a boy and a baby: So, I decided to make another priestclipArt for the baby.

Here’s the original Priest ClipArt I used to create the Priest Clip Art for the little nun: And here’s the Priest clipArt for my baby in a new form. 

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