How to get the most out of your priestly garment

By default, the priestly clothing option in the Archon Editor will show the best priestly outfit for you.

However, if you want to tailor your priest’s outfit to fit your play style, you can go for the best option for the most bang for your buck.

There are a few options for priestly clothes, but most of them have the same basic look, but with a few unique touches.

The two most notable ones are the priests’ cloaks and cloaks that can be worn on top of other robes.

The priests’ robes are made of cloth and are quite expensive, so it is a good idea to go for cloth cloaks if you are looking for a cheaper option.

To get the best cloaks for Archon, you will need to invest in the cloaksmithing skill.

To do this, go to the Archons tab in the console, and select the Archonesmithing Skill.

Then, in the Console Command bar, type in the word Archonsmithing and press Enter.

This will open the Archonessmithing menu.

To select an item, right-click on it, and then select Properties.

Under the Properties tab, you should see the name of the item.

If you want the cloaking to look like a hood, you need to select the Hoods option.

This option will display a list of all the cloakers you have equipped, which will be your Cloaks and Hoods.

You can then click on any one of the cloaker types to toggle them on or off.

It is a great way to customize your priest clothes, especially if you don’t want to get any of the same cloaks from all the other items you have in your inventory.

For the priests robes, there are three different cloaks, two of which can be equipped in each pair of gloves and boots.

You’ll want to select a good cloth robe for your priest, but not all cloth cloakers have the perfect look for your playstyle.

The most popular cloaker type is the priest’s robes.

They are made from the most popular cloth material, wool, so they can be used on the go.

They can also be worn over other clothes, like tunics.

The robes are quite good for cloaking, but they do not have the highest price tag, so if you do not want to spend a lot of money on cloth cloaking cloaks then go for more expensive cloth cloaker options.

If there is a better cloth robe available, it will be a good option for Archons, since it has better properties than most cloth cloaked items.

The priest’s clothing options for the Archón Editor are very basic, and there is no customization.

You will probably want to use the priests clothing for your daily wear, but if you need a different set of clothes for a specific outfit, you may want to look for priests robes in your faction’s clothing vendor.

They may be available for sale at merchants in your home world.

You also may want a priest’s robe for when you need something a bit more stylish, like a cloak for a different character.