Tech Priest Dominus: I had no idea this would happen to me

A Tech Priest in the Dominican Republic was brutally beaten by three men who mistook him for a drug trafficker and attacked him with an iron bar. 

The priest, Father Dominus, who is now the executive director of a nonprofit organization called the “Ritual of Christ”, said that he and his family had to flee the country in 2010 because of the harassment they received from the people. 

Father Dominus said that the violence had been part of the culture for a long time in the country. 

He told reporters on Monday that he was not in a position to tell you all the details of what happened. 

“I can only tell you that I was beaten on January 25th, 2010. 

I was not kidnapped, but that is not what I was told. 

On January 25, 2010, the police came to my home and asked me questions. 

They asked, ‘Did you have a cocaine transaction with somebody?’ 

‘No, sir, I don’t have a problem with anybody.’ 

‘Do you know that you are not a drug dealer?’ 

I answered that I don. 

‘Are you going to tell them that?’ 

Again, I said that I did not. 

‘They wanted to know everything’Father Dominis said that they came to his home to find that he had a family member who was not cooperating with the police. “

My name is Dominus.” 

‘They wanted to know everything’Father Dominis said that they came to his home to find that he had a family member who was not cooperating with the police. 

So he said that one of the men asked him what he knew about the police that he wasn’t telling them. 

“‘Why do you think that you have to hide in this house?’ 

He said. 

My wife and children are living with me now. 

And then the man told me, ‘This is your country.

You have to leave. 

What else is there to do?'” 

Father Victor told reporters that the man who beat him said, ‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going and you’ll have to live with it. 

‘”Father Dominos, I can’t let you die like that, I cannot.’ 

‘”They wanted me to go to a different house where they wouldn’t see me. 

But I couldn’t go. 

They had to break my leg. 

One of the brothers said, `You’re going to die, you’ll be dead before you die.’ 

He kicked me in the stomach. 

It broke.” 

The police eventually arrived and arrested Father Dominos. 

According to Father Dominis, the officers beat him with their fists and then they put a gun to his head. 

That’s when they put the gun to my head.’

I can’t see or breathe, I was scared and I wanted to be killed’Father Victor said that it was after that that he decided to flee, and he was detained for two days in a house that the police were trying to break into. 

When he came out, he was held for two more days. 

Eventually, he managed to flee. 

After he escaped, Father Victor says he was beaten by a group of people, including two men who took turns beating him. 

As he told reporters, he also said that when he was put in handcuffs, they did not allow him to call his family, because they knew that he would not be able to reach them.’

They want to get me, they want to kill me’Father Domis said, ‘I have not told you everything. 

Now, I want to tell your story. 

First, I am going to get you a lawyer. 

You know, you can call me anytime. 

Second, I need a lawyer, I have to be able be present in court. 

Third, I will take you to a hospital, and they will give you the money, and then I will be able take you home.’

Father Dominas told reporters at his office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that he is hoping to find the police and prosecutors to prosecute the men who beat and beat on him and his wife. 

His story is the result of years of working to change the culture of a society where the police are used as weapons to terrorize and silence people who dare to speak out against the system. 

 ‘The police are afraid to come to my house’Father Dominic says that he will not be making public the names of the people who attacked him and threatened him with violence. 

A spokesperson for the police told the local ABC affiliate that the force does not comment on individual cases.